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Effectiveness of government audits of foreign trade in Mexico

By- Cesar Benitez In accordance with the Tax Administration Service Law, the SAT (Tax Administration Agency) has the authority to collect taxes, contributions, government fees, and their accessories in accordance with the applicable legislation. Under these powers, the SAT has the function of monitoring and ensuring compliance with tax and


What to expect from ANAM’S technological changes?

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM ANAM’S TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGES? We have at least two decades in which the customs authorities have encouraged efforts to transform the Mexican customs system with a “paperless” vision, which entails the digitization of processes as a factor of competitiveness and efficiency. These efforts are born in the


New Tax Obligation to Identify The Controlling Beneficiary

The 2022 tax reform included several changes to the Federal Tax Code (“Tax Code”), amongst them, new obligations for taxpayers and other individuals were included, specifically requiring them to identify “Controlling Beneficiary” of legal entities. In short: Taxpayers are now required to identify who is the actual individual or group


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