Legal services

Foreign Trade

We provide legal customs advice in matters relating to Mexican customs legislation, free trade agreements, customs audits and reviews, customs litigation, and legal opinions of simple and complex operations and issues.

Our service includes the following areas:

Foreign Trade:

  • Legal advice regarding all “maquila” type obligations, regulations, and strategic planning.
  • Representation and rulings before the Mexican customs authorities.
  • IMMEX Decree and operation.
  • Analysis and advice on the application of the Mexican customs law, regulations of the Mexican customs law, foreign trade rules, and other trade and commerce regulations.
  • Rules of origin under the different trade agreements and analysis on whether a product meets such rules.
  • Advice and review application of trade agreements, compliance with Official Mexican Standards (NOMs, for its Spanish acronym), audits, and litigation.


Audit & Litigation:

  • Assistance during customs audits and advice and aid during foreign trade/customs audits in order to minimize or mitigate the exposure of the party being audited.
  • Duty assessments before the Federal Tax Court against customs assessments issued by federal authorities.