Restrictions on the importation of oils, lubricants, paraffins, and gases

On October 23, 2023, the Mexican Ministry of Energy published a decree to combat the illicit fuel market, establishing restrictions on the import of hydrocarbons and derivatives.

Oils, lubricants, paraffins, and gases are being restricted, affecting companies that use them in their industrial process.

The Ministry of Energy also released a guide to request import authorization for goods regulated by the Decree.  The guide describes the actions that importers of controlled goods need to take or if they have a prior permit so that they can continue importing such goods, disclosing the model of the document that is required for the application for authorizations.

Finally, the interested parties must comply with the control measures established by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Economy.

The guide and the example of the document can be consulted in Spanish at the following links:


Example of the document:


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