Legal services

Labor & Employment

Our practice in this area of law includes labor and employment assistance to domestic and foreign companies in Mexico.

We focus on preventing labor risks while emphasizing the need to implement appropriate labor and employment strategies that contribute to the stability of our clients’ businesses and the professional development of their employees.

Finding practical and cost-effective solutions is one of our main goals.

The principal services in this area of law are consultation and advice relating to:

  • General employment.
  • Strategic labor planning.
  • Labor litigation.
  • Preparation and advice regarding employment contracts.
  • Proactive prevention of labor and union-related conflicts.
  • Collective conflict resolution.
  • Occupational health and safety matters.
  • Internal work regulations.
  • Profit-sharing, administrative and disciplinary records.
  • Confidentiality agreements and lawsuit prevention plans.
  • Labor aspects of corporate mergers and acquisitions.
  • In-house training relating to expatriate structures and litigation.
  • Immigration matters.
  • Social Security matters.