Amendments to the foreign trade rules and criteria.

Ministry of Economy.

Today, November 25, 2022, the Accord by which the Ministry of Economy modifies rules and criteria of general rules of foreign trade was published in the Federal Official Gazette (the “Accord”).

The Accord adapts the amendments to tariff codes and the Commercial Information Numbers (also know as “NICOs”, its Spanish acronym), as a result the implementation of the  7th amendment to the harmonized tariff schedule  for 2022.

The modifications consider changes in tariff codes and commercial information numbers (NICOs) related to the following:

o     Authorizations of Eight-Rule permits (Regla 8va.)

o     Prior import permits.

o     Automatic notices.

o     NOM’s (Official Mexican Standards),

o     Antidumping duties.

The modifications will be effective on the same date the new TIGIE Law enters into force, which will tentatively be in December.

You can consult, in Spanish, the publication at the following link for a better understanding or reference:



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