Excessive charges in the water supply bill.

Recently, some of our corporate clients have approached our law firm seeking advice regarding some collection actions and/or efforts for amounts allegedly owed, not stated in the monthly water bills and/or for water and sewer service connection fees issued by the Baja California State Water Commission of Tijuana (or typically known as “CESPT” for its Spanish acronym).

The Commission has been issuing summons by means of which they urged representatives to go to their facilities in order to then inform them of: “irregularities detected in contracted water supply”, from which it may arise a large debt that you don’t agree, and may also result in the extreme consequence of suspending the water supply.

What legal actions are available against these overcharges in the water supply?

There are legal actions by means of which water supply service customers who are not in agreement with the consumption of water recorded as stated on the invoice or with the determined amount, can appeal such debt.

At TP Legal Group we can assist you through the clarification process and/or the filing of the corresponding legal actions against the Commission.

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