Timeshare resale scam.

By- Lic. Mauricio Tortolero.

Several of our clients have been contacted by different individuals interested in acquiring their timeshare interest. After analyzing the terms of the acquisition, we have been able to detect that in some instances such activity is fraudulent.

The individuals claim to represent entities and organizations involved in the timeshare industry, such as Timeshares Only, LLC, and the Association for Timeshare Owners Committees. They require the owners to pay an upfront fee to be wired into an account in order to complete the transaction in exchange of executing sale contracts that we have found to be false, as well as other documents that include a 100% sale guarantee.

We recommend that all timeshare owners proceed with caution and thoroughly review any acquisition proposal that is presented to them prior to doing any business or paying any upfront fees that may be presented as a tax, closing fees, etc.

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