We provide administrative and legal tax advice for companies and individuals doing business in Mexico, and provide consultations in all types of businesses, from simple transactions to complex operations.

Our assistance in this field includes:

General Advice

To foreign investors, providing analysis regarding federal laws, payroll tax, and real estate taxes.

Corporate Restructures

To any investment project, merger, acquisitions or spin-offs, sale or acquisition of shares and sale or acquisition of assets.

 International Taxation

We provide advice on international taxation, including international tax treaties, joint ventures, international sales of goods, international services, and transactions dealing with intangibles.

Tax Refunds

We assist our clients in preparing the applications for tax refunds and the performance of actions before the tax authorities until the amounts requested are recovered.

 Due Diligence

When acquiring shares or investing in an existing entity, we provide our clients with a valuation of the correct tax compliance or any possible contingencies, in addition to validation of the compliance of tax obligations.

Assistance during Tax Audits

We provide our clients with advice and assistance during a tax and/or foreign trade audits carried out by Mexican authorities in order to minimize or mitigate their exposure. Additionally, we assist our clients in preparing and presenting the documentation requested by the tax authorities.

Tax Assessments and Taxes

We represent clients in litigation before the Federal Tax Court and State Administrative Court.


We identify tax opportunities in order to file constitutional protection actions, also known as “amparo”, against the diverse interpretations of the tax authorities relating to taxation and foreign trade reforms.