Possible changes regarding the Federal Maritime and Terrestrial Zone.

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Possible changes regarding the Federal Maritime and Terrestrial Zone.

On April 21st, 2021, a legislative initiative was presented in the Senate of the Republic in order to reform the General Law of National Property (the “Law”). Such initiative will be sent to the House and will continue to be discussed. Nevertheless, taking into account its relevance, we consider it important to keep you informed.

The initiative proposes:

  1. The modification of the current delimitation of maritime beaches, as well as to enlarge maritime beaches by ten meters starting as of the place where the high tide occurs, that is, from where the Federal Maritime and Terrestrial Zone currently commences.
  2. To include as part of maritime beaches the sand, cliffs, rock formations, as well as any other surface or geological form that in virtue of the tide is covered or uncovered by the sea.
  3. To precise that maritime beaches will be of public use, with free access to it and to the sea always guaranteed, in any direction, without the possibility of requiring any type of payment to secure said access, to prohibit or block its way, or to be used as private property.
  4. The reduction of the surface of the Federal Maritime and Terrestrial Zone to ten meters of the width of land that is firm, walkable, and next to such maritime beaches, as well as of lakes, lagoons, estuaries, or natural deposits of seawater that communicates directly or indirectly with the sea. This, in order to avoid affecting current private property.
  5. The clarification of the concept of Federal Maritime and Terrestrial Zone since the Law currently uses the term “beaches” instead of “maritime beaches”, and
  6. A provision that respects the concessions granted prior to the reform of the Law, and provides that once the corresponding obligations end, the renewal of the concessions will be in accordance with the new regulations.

We will keep you informed of the events that continue to unfold regarding the initiative to reform the Law.


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