Excessive Charges in the Water Supply Bill.

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Excessive Charges in the Water Supply Bill.

Previously, TP Legal informed its clients of a recurring problem relating to various actions and/or “persuasive” collection efforts that are being carried out by the Water Company in all the municipalities of the State of Baja California (Tijuana-CESPT, Ensenada-CESPE, Mexicali-CESPM and Tecate-CESPTE), for alleged debts of connection fees to the water and sewage systems, or for consumption not accounted for in the consumers monthly water bill.

The manner in which such utility company has been operating consists of the issuance of a “summons” to the users of the water and drainage services, in which the consumer is urged to show up at the facilities of the water commission in order to be informed of the alleged debt and the consumer is provided an “estimate” of the amount that is owed, same that does not include the information required by law in tax/administrative procedures.

Since it has come to our attention that the utility company has recently increased its efforts to charge consumers, we would like to remind you that there are legal actions that may be carried out to challenge such actions.

TP Legal has provided legal advice and representation to the clients that have not agreed with the charge/payment demanded by the utility company, seeking legal alternatives to secure a proper defense to avoid extreme consequences such as the closure of their establishments or the suspension of the supply of the water and drainage services.

Furthermore, in TP Legal we have been able to secure constitutional protection resolutions (“amparos”) in favor of our clients. This, in order that the same may continue to enjoy water and drainage services and to challenge the alleged debts through administrative claims filed with the corresponding Courts.

If you require any assistance, or if you have any questions or comments regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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