COVID-19 Vaccinated people are no longer considered vulnerable

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COVID-19 Vaccinated people are no longer considered vulnerable

On July 27, 2021, the Ministry of Health published in the Federal Official Gazette the “Executive Order by means of which the dissemination of the new traffic light methodology by regions to evaluate the epidemiological risk represented by the serious disease of priority attention COVID-19 is disclosed.”

The relevance of the publication is the following:

  • The traffic light by regions to assess the epidemiological risk will be announced on the following website:
  • People to whom the Covid-19 vaccine has been administered will not be considered vulnerable once two weeks have elapsed after the application of the last dose.


Although the publication does not explicitly state it, it implies that employers may request proof of vaccination to:

  • Their vulnerable employees (or, in its case, request that they get vaccinated).
  • Job applicants.

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